4   Turbine instrumentation


A large modern turbine-generator comprises a number of cylinders coupled together to form a rotating shaft line, Chapter 1 has described this arrangement in detail. The nature and complexity of this arrangement requires information to be presented to the op-ator clearly and concisely.

Associated turbine systems, described in this chapter, need to be controlled and any abnormal conditions drawn to the operator's attention. Particular requirements for instrumentation are dealt with in the appropriate subsection. Specific transducer types and techniques of measurement are described in Volume F, Chapter 4. The purpose of this section is to describe, in broad terms, the different categories of instrumentation that are supplied and the part they play in plant operation. These categories are:

  • Supervisory instrumentation
  • Efficiency instrumentation
  • Auxiliary system instrumentation
  • Condition monitoring instrumentation
  • Instrumentation associated with protection and control equipment
  • Instrumentation to provide post-incident records


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