1.3   Subsidiary functions


This section describes additional functions of governors, giving typical characteristics of these features. Not all governors include all these features; in some cases they may not be essential to the plant being controlled, or they may be carried out in other equipment but operating through the governor. Equipment for HP rotor stress control during run-up and loading is a typical example of the latter. It can be performed by an external computer modulating the speed setpoint of the governor or it can be an intrinsic part of the governor.

    1.3.1    Acceleration feedback

    1.3.2    Unloading gear

    1.3.3    Governor speed reference

    1.3.4    Closed-loop control of turbine electrical load

    1.3.5    Overspeed testing

    1.3.6    On-load testing

    1.3.7    Automatic run-up and loading systems


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