13.5   Steam supply and drains systems


The heating steam for the majority of modern re-heaters is bled from the HP turbine to the first-stage reheat and supplied from the live steam pipework for the second-stage reheat. Reheater steam temperature control is designed to be completely automatic and requires no intervention from the operator.

A typical diagrammatic arrangement of the live and bled-steam supply and drains system for a combined separator/ reheater is shown in Fig 2.107.

Steam supply and drains system for a combined separator/reheater

    13.5.1  First-stage reheat

    13.5.2  Second-stage reheat

    13.5.3  Performance monitoring

    13.5.4  System drains

    13.5.5  Separator drains

    13.5.6  Reheater drains


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