6.2.4   Jacking-oil pumps and priming pumps


The jacking oil pumps deliver oil at around 300 bar to the individual bearings. The pumps used are motor-driven positive displacement and either multi-plunger pumps or two-shaft gear pumps, see Figs 2.57 and 2.58.

Multi-plunger lacking oil pump

Gear type jacking oil priming pump

The arrangement utilises either one gear pump per bearing or one motor/pump unit for either one or two bearings. The pumps require a positive suction pressure. The multi-plunger pumps are fed from the lubricating oil manifold and the gear pumps have a motor-driven positive displacement two-shaft gear pump.

On some designs the turning gear is provided with a separate jacking oil pump. This pump is a motor driven, positive displacement, two-shaft gear pump; the discharge pressure is the same as for the other jacking oil pumps.


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