10   Future developments


The development of feed system design and its associated components is dependent upon the cycle steam conditions and the turbine-generator unit capacity chosen for the next generation of power stations to be constructed by the CEGB.

Present indications are that non-nuclear stations will be coal-fired, with sub-critical or supercritical steam conditions and a unit capacity of about 1.5 times the current 660 MW units. The need for the development of systems and components for a number of specific plant areas has been identified to meet the increased flows and pressures to be used for the projected plant.

The current generation of designs are adequate for projected nuclear power stations, although any appropriate developments made for future coal-fired plant would be utilised.

The feedheating system can be conveniently divided into three sections; HP feed system, de-aerator system and LP feed system: consider each in turn.

   10.1  HP feed system

   10.2  De-aerator system

   10.3  LP feed system


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