5  Thermal design


The preceding sections outline the functional requirements of condensing and CW systems, and illustrate how environmental studies into cooling water quality are taken into consideration when choosing the geographical location of a new power station, and how these aspects, in turn, affect the economics of plant optimisation.

Emphasis has been placed on the importance of correct selection of materials in order to avoid un-acceptably high availability and maintenance costs. Consideration has also been given to the choice of turbine and condensing plant arrangements.

The objective of thermal design is to ensure that the temperature difference between the turbine exhaust steam and the cooling water is as low as possible if the benefits of the Rankine cycle are to be realised, providing that the mechanics used are consistent with previously discussed economics of plant optimisation.

   5.1  Theory

   5.2  Design codes, standards and specifications

   5.3  Influence of tubeplate and tubenest geometry on thermal performance

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