6.3  Protection and cleanliness of condensers


During plant manufacture, storage, transport to site and site erection, special precautions are taken to ensure that all plant items remain clean and reasonably protected. To achieve this, condenser internal surfaces are usually grit-blasted at the works and a temporary protective coating applied, i.e., a type of coating which does not require to be removed prior to the unit entering service.

Tube holes are protected by a lacquer which is removed immediately prior to condenser tubing. External ferrous surfaces are either grit-blasted or wire-brushed and degreased, and a suitable primer is applied to the cleaned surface.

In the post-erection period, until commissioning, deterioration of internal surfaces is minimised by keeping the condenser surfaces dry. If the condenser is used and has to be put into storage again before commissioning, steps are taken to ensure that all water is removed from the condenser.

In order to operate a condenser at its optimum level, on-load cleaning methods are used which ensure the high availability of condensing plant (Fig 4.29).

On-load condenser cleaning system


      6.3.1  Debris filter

      6.3.2  Condenser tube cleaning system


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