2  Economics


The detailed design of the condenser and its associated CW system requires careful optimisation of parameters which include material selection, cooling water flowrate, condenser surface areas, and turbine exhaust pressure, etc., in order to harmonise the performance inter-relationships between all the different plant components, and to produce a design offering maximum efficiency and reliability, and minimum running and maintenance costs.

Particular attention must be paid to direct-cooled ems, where condenser cooling water is taken from sea or from an estuary, since there are large varias in the quality of the water from site to site, which ' adversely affect the choice of certain materials example. On the other hand, cooling tower stays operate in a controllable closed-system, where the lily of the cooling water is more uniform from site to site.

River and lake cooled stations (of which there is one large example in Britain) take an intermediate position as far as water quality is concerned, aving identified these technical inconsistencies, basis of an optimisation study is to achieve a correlation between capital costs and operating costs, giving the lowest overall lifetime cost.

   2.1  Condenser surface area, turbine exhaust pressure and CW flow

      2.1.1  Input data

      2.1.2  Computation

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