5.2  Design codes, standards and specifications


Documents exist which are based on the design theory outlined above. They are generally used as a guide in establishing condenser size and design. The validity of these documents is sufficient to ensure that condenser selections will meet specified performance. They include:

  • The Heat Exchanger Institute (HEI) Standards for Steam Surface Condensers.
  • The British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers Association (BEAMA) publication on the Recommended Practice for the Design of Surface Type Steam Condensing Plant.

These documents provide a comprehensive treatment of surface condenser performance and describe levels of performance which can be obtained from well designed condensers.

The objectives of thermal design procedures will be reviewed in relation to the relevant codes and standards.

      5.2.1  HEI Standards

      5.2.2  BEAMA design recommendations

      5.2.3  CEGB specifications


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